Texture My Way Hydrate Intensive Moisture Softening Shampoo 355ml

  • £4.99
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  • This hair luxuriant bath cleanses your hair and leaving it more soft, silky soft, and hydrated. It is Sulfate-Free, which allows your hair to lock more moisture instead of become dry and rough.
  • Give your hair the moisture they deserve with hydrate Shampoo.. This innovative hair Bath softens and increases your natural texture.
  • Dry, Do Something For Your Curls With This moisturizing balm is essential your hair becomes manageable and easier to comb. Fortified with Shea Butter and softening effects of extra virgin olive oil for strength and shine, moisturising is the ideal skin therapy, rich in moisturising agent for all hair types, including rolled, curling, crépues, wavy texture pattern and combination, as well as for dry hair and scalp chroniquement.

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